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pls make coins cheaper. they are way to expensive. people hate it

NeverGiveUp 1 year ago • updated by Goblin01 12 months ago 7

About The Sandbox Access given time

Bladefire23 12 months ago • updated 11 months ago 7

Just wondering but if anyone knows this... When is the usual time for getting access to sandbox?


Bug when creating games

Drflash55 1 year ago • updated by executioner 1 year ago 1

When trying to create a game, it doesn't appear on the list when you exit out of editing it. So you're not able to come back to it later, but it appears in the server list...


Like if u miss old braains ;c

Wolfy 12 months ago • updated by John Smith 12 months ago 4


PAULO ROBERTO ROCHA DA SILVA 1 year ago • updated by kaue 11 months ago 1
Under review

Glitch exploited again.

Goblin01 12 months ago • updated by master 12 months ago 14

There is a glitch, which m0dE fixed today. However, as I joined in some hours... it exploited again.


bats and katana's stopped working

gitgud 12 months ago • updated 12 months ago 3

We cant do anything without them.

Please fix it.


No skins show up

Drflash55 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 0

So, apparently, no skins show up in the shop like they should... It's just a blank screen.

I had troubles switching to another skin, but now, I can't even find them.


Cheaper Skins

Robot YouTube 12 months ago • updated by yasser 12 months ago 3

Can we get skin prices lowered? (Like the robot skin ;) )